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for Heart-Centered Women Wellness Coaches and Holistic Practitioners. 

Confidently create abundance and freedom in your business and life without sacrificing what matters most.


Hello Sweet Friend, 

I see you trying to decide how to put the pieces together on your own on how to build your coaching or wellness practice, with no real guidance in what the effective steps are to take and in what order.

It makes my heart sink to see you trying so hard “doing all the things” and yet still feel like you’re spinning your wheels feeling unclear in your messaging, unsure of your ideal client or how to attract them, pricing yourself WAY BELOW what you could be, and stopped in your tracks with self-doubt that keeps you from taking action in the activities that create high impact.

What you experience instead is scarcity of time, energy, confidence, power and freedom. 

Instead of confidently creating success from being clear, focused and fully sourced, you take on more and try to DO more and end up even more depleted, confused and full of self-doubt. This puts your life and business in scarcity mode and the trajectory is more frustration, confusion and lack of income and clients.

It’s not sustainable.

Certainly not healthy.

Definitely not abundant.

And it sucks the joy out of the wellness practice you are so passionate about building.  

Most importantly, It’s not the legacy we want to leave, nor the model we want to provide for the next generation of women watching us.

Creating a successful practice is not about doing more, or trying to do all the things on your own. It can be simple and heart centered, serving your clients with purpose and intention and creating invitations instead of “selling” yourself or your programs. 

Instead of lone wolfing it, what would it feel like to be guided by someone who has been where you are and has come through it successfully.  Who can guide you in both the mindset that creates success and the strategy that is simple, repeatable and actually works.

How would it feel to have a proven system and strategy that is high touch, low tech and service oriented. Because that’s what you love to do. Help people. The funnels, facebook ads, complicated strategy and high-tech is not necessary to build a thriving practice.

Keeping it simple helps you feel aligned with both your purpose and vision to create impact, your offers that help people get their transformation and the income that allows you to do what you LOVE and RECEIVE the money that allows you to do this work powerfully. 


As a soulful business and leadership coach, I help you create clarity and start taking authentic purposeful action. I help you turn your fears into leadership, your vision into your secret sauce, and your self-doubt into empowered action.




The following programs have shifted the lives of women in huge ways, both personally and professionally, at every stage of their life and entrepreneurial journeys.


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Abundance Basics Business Blueprint Session for Wellness Entrepreneurs 

*Investment 90 minutes and $197 


Here’s what you’ll discover in your session:

  • Laser focus to uncover what’s been stopping you, getting in your way and keeping you under earning, overwhelmed and frazzled.

  • Develop a powerful vision for what implementing the simple systems, and strategy that creates a soulful and abundant business.

  •  Walk away with clarity on your ideal client, Niche, Program offerings and a step-by-step plan to follow and focus on to step into abundance and create freedom (in all areas of your life and business).

I will share custom resources for your needs and talk about what it might look like to work with me if we are a good fit.

A 90-minute to 2 hour deep dive session to create a custom blueprint for your wellness practice. You will walk away with clarity on your niche, messaging, ideal client and create the programs that speak to the transformation your client wants. This will be your launch pad to take action and feel confident in your pricing, offers and the simple strategy to create your prosperous practice. 


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1-1 Soulful Business and Leadership Coaching 


We work together one-on-one to transform your mindset (inner work), create systems and strategies (outer work) + increase abundance and confidence to remove the barriers that may be holding you back from stepping into your most powerful 6-figure SHE-EO.

Together we create customized action steps based on your personal goals to get you feeling your best, out of scarcity and into abundance and empowered action from a soul centered vision with repeatable systems and strategy to put on repeat.


1-1 buisiness and leadership Coaching 



ACCELERATE 1-year High Level Mastermind

For 9 soulful and ambitious women committed to reaching 6-figures and BEYOND. It’s a combination of SISTERHOOD, live training, workshops, retreats and personal 1:1 coaching. 

A 12-month journey for 9 heart-centered, ambitious and highly motivated women who want to expand freedom, abundance and empowerment within themselves and in the world.

ACCELERATE is for the woman who is ready to step into her power and create results now. Together for 12 months an intimate group of no more than 9 women will bring their best to be supported, stretched, and shine in both their business and life goals.

This is deep work that reveals how we are not alone and together we can expand our impact and income and deepen the nourishment of our work.

 In 2- 90 minute coaching sessions and workshops a month, participants bring whatever area of business or life they would like to be coached on and the transformation begins!

Each participant also receives 1- 90 minute personal 1-1 session EACH MONTH to move the needle forward quickly. 

Each Spring and Fall we will meet for a 2 day retreat to up level even more in personal connection and empowering activities. PLUS an additional 2-day VIP day in North Carolina for a total of 3 in person trainings. 

In service of each participant being in the best, most supportive space for her, all spaces for this program are filled via Mutual Fit Clarity Calls.


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Group Coaching Programs

For Heart Centered + Ambitious Women 



A 6-month wellness practice acceleration program with 1:1 and group coaching, strategy, systems, customized support, accountability, mindset and a community of ambitious, heart centered entrepreneurs. Designed to create abundance and freedom in your life and business so you can serve with soul and have a thriving coaching or wellness practice without burning yourself out.


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Kickstart your thriving holistic wellness practice, even if you are a brand new coach, with a ready to use course and all the support you need to launch it.


A 90-day DIY Online experience where you will receive:

  • A 100% done for you 6-week wellness program that you can rebrand as your own.

  • Learn how to partner with local health practitioners to create clients and increase sales.

  • A proven sales system to implement your own 6-week program launch and generate income quickly.  

  • Get LIVE support and real life examples in an intimate community of other women wellness practitioners who are building their practice right along with you. You don’t need to go it alone. 

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What are clients saying?


I would have never even imagined I could be in a place of such peace, confidence and happiness.

I’ve made more in 1 month than I did in 6 months at my previous job. I found the courage and confidence to triple my prices, own my value and create the right offers that serve my ideal clients. I’ve found clarity in my niche, and have a plan to take me where I want to go. It feels so free and clear. Thank you Chris. ~ Health Coach


She has helped me get out of my stuck places and move forward and start my own business!! It’s really happening. ~Life Coach


I can say that everything I’m reading from testimonials is soooo true! For me it took just one call with Christine to realize how special she is, and how tremendously beautiful she can change someones life. In just a few minutes of talking with me, she helped me realize how I can be successful in both my personal and business life. I’ll definitely be in touch with her again, as soon as possible. Thank you, Christine. ~ I.W. Transformational Health and Lifestyle Coach