What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is based on a foundational holistic approach to health and wellness. It is evidence based with a personalized approach to health and healing. Using the body’s innate intelligence, we look at what may be the stressors causing your body to be out of balance, and teach you how to address those weaknesses through properly prepared, whole foods diet, and lifestyle changes. My goal is to reconnect people to healing foods and vibrant health.


Restoring Your Foundations of Health

Nutri-Q Assessment Package


Ready to feel energized, healthy and vibrant? This is the place to start. 


What’s possible with nutritional therapy?

In just three months, my client:

  • improved and stabilized her mood

  • lost 20 pounds (45 pounds in 6 months)

  • gained her confidence back

  • stopped feeling irritable between meals

  • said goodbye to migraines

  • went from having no hopes and dreams for the future and not wanting to interact with people to increasing her joy in life and energy to explore new experiences.

  • created a positive mindset 

  • improved digestion

  • learned new way of eating healthy and shifted from emotional eating to fueling her body for energy. 


By balancing the systems, the symptoms go away. 

One of the tools I use in my practice is the Nutri-Q Symptom Burden Assessment. This report, derived from 300 different symptom-based questions, lets me know what systems are out of balance in a client’s body (things like digestion, blood sugar handling, and others).

And because I’m thoroughly trained in its application, I know exactly which systems to consider first (and second, and third) — even when it looks like all systems are a priority.

After interpreting my clients Nutri-Q report, and digging deeper into her health history, I knew that digestion, blood sugar, and adrenal support were going to be key to her improvement. Each of these systems are directly linked to the symptoms she was experiencing. Today she feels happy, healthy and free. 

Let’s figure out what’s going on — and create a plan to help you heal.

The Nutri-Q health questionnaire is a very sophisticated tool that is used to help assess which areas of your body need support. The Nutri-Q provides us with a graph and reports which prioritize areas of need such as digestion, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, adrenal issues, thyroid issues, and blood sugar dysregulation.

We spend 60 minutes 1-1 going over your Nutri-Q results and reports and come up with an action plan to help you uncover where you are stopping your flow of health and how to restore it with 1-2 action steps customized specifically for you. 


*Once purchased you will be sent a link to the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire and a link to schedule your first session. 

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Personal Transformation Program for Hormonal Balance

Ready to ditch the stress, fatigue and burnout and start feeling better?

Burnout is happening with alarming frequency in this fast-paced world we’re living in. Between demanding expectations at work, home, and elsewhere, women are pushing themselves past their limits. 

Feeling stressed, overly tired and burned out has become the norm and hormonal imbalances are seen in many women entrepreneurs today. 

Our adrenal glands take the brunt of that stress, and this cumulative stress buildup is maxxing them out completely. This is a big problem because these glands affect everything from our immune system and thyroid function to hormones and blood sugar regulation.


If you’re suffering from stress and hormonal imbalance, I can help.


This 4 month program is a personal transformation program to bring health and healing to body, mind and emotions.

The latest research has shown that a nutrition-based approach to treatment can regulate hormonal function and completely transform wellness. Combined with lifestyle adjustments and mindset shifts to help you create a new way of being in the world, you’ll gain greater freedom and awareness on how to read the signals your body is giving you instead of overriding the messages that lead to exhaustion and imbalance. 

As your Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Holistic Transformational Coach, I’ll be your personal ally, empowering you to play an active role in your own treatment and offering you support and encouragement as you progress on the path of healing. This is a customized program complete with a nutritional assessment and reports to pin point the stressors in your body, plus mindset work to help you rewire your brain to create a sustainable lifestyle so you can feel your best.

Ready to reclaim your time, energy and freedom and feel better than you have in years?

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*What Nutritional Therapy is NOT.

Nutritional Therapy does not diagnose, prescribe, cure or treat disease. I am not a registered dietician or medical doctor. 

I am a trained and Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association, a Holistic Health Coach and a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist in the state of NC. The information I provide is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment, but rather a support system providing education. Please consult your medical care provider, particularly if you have a known medical condition. You are responsible for your own health.