Are you Ready To Activate Abundance?

A 6-month Business Accelerator Program for coaches and wellness practitioners who want to make people their priority using a heart-centered and repeatable strategy, simple systems, live support and community to launch and grow an abundant and thriving wellness practice, with consistent monthly income (5k-8k) and work with ready YES clients.

Together we will build your foundation and launch your business forward using a simple high touch, low tech, heart centered proven system to generate more income, clients, confidence and freedom so you can serve with soul and create the impact that changes our world.

Starts October 7, 2020 10:30am EST

EARLY BIRD PRICING by September 19 ,2020

Full price investment is $6,000 or $500 downpayment + 6 payments of $997 

***When you purchase you are agreeing to these terms and conditions 


Save $1000 with Early Bird Pricing

$6,000 paid in full by September 19, 2020

BONUS- 60 min. 1:1 Fast track strategy session

Grab one of the last spots today  

Save $1,000 with Early Bird Pricing

Down payment of $500 by September 19, 2020

and 6 additional payments of $997 


Activate Abundance is for you if you’re:

  • A coach that has been in business for a few years and not getting the results they desire or a coach/practitioner just starting your entrepreneurial journey and want to accelerate your growth as soon as you begin with a SIMPLE and repeatable, heart centered, high touch, low tech approach.

  • A coach or wellness practitioner who wants to put simple strategy, systems and structure in place to create consistent 5K-8K months and grow to a 6-figure income stream.

  • Wanting to learn how to gain new paying clients with a simple and repeatable way to increase your clients to say YES, and step into a level of leadership in your field.

  • Craving 1:1 personal support, real life examples and community to take you to the next level without the overwhelm, burnout, frustration and procrastination that keeps you spinning your wheels!

  • Willing to step outside of your circumstances and create your desires for a thriving wellness practice.

  • Looking for a high-level coaching PROGRAM and NOT a DIY course. You will have my eyes and ears on your business as well as LIVE personal access to me.

  • A go-getter, action taker, implementer, growth seeker with a positive attitude willing to do what it takes until it works.


Activate Abundance is NOT for you if you’re:

  • Not willing to take action and implement the strategy being taught. 

  • Wanting to lone-wolf it and do it all on your own.

  • Want to learn a high TECH strategy with fancy funnels and facebook ads.

  • Attached to your excuses and keeping the back door open, complaining about your past, seeing yourself as victim to your circumstance – I’m not the coach for you. 



Ready to create the income you deserve with a heart-centered strategy that WORKS?



Let’s eliminate the overwhelm, complexity and busy work in your business and focus on doing the few things that DO work and get results.

Create structure and freedom for a sustainable and joyful coaching or wellness business without the fancy funnels, ads or sales-y strategy. Serve instead of “selling, persuading or convincing someone to buy, we focus on building relationships and creating human connection with heart and soul.


Since I launched my wellness practice in 2015, it’s been my desire to create high-touch, heart centered, value-packed, life and business altering ways to serve women wellness entrepreneurs who know they’re here to do big work, make an impact, and create the time & financial freedom to live and lead abundantly.

I know what it’s like to:

  • Be just starting out as a coach and wellness practitioner, with the desire to transform lives in a positive way and have the freedom to enjoy life without the stress and hustle of building a business.

  • Have a limited budget, and take huge leaps to invest in myself and business at the same time.

  • Go through all the trainings, sort through all the expert advice out there that says you have to do this business stuff one particular way and still have no idea where to start or how to create a consistent stream of paying clients.

  • Feel like you have to do it on your own, because you’re just starting out and you don’t have a team behind the scenes to help you.

  • Not being sure where to start and what to focus on to start bringing in income and clients 

  • Feeling overwhelmed with all the TECH and behind the scenes stuff and complicated marketing strategies that didn’t align with the way I wanted to serve my clients. 

  • Struggle with how to price services and programs, and most importantly, ask for and RECEIVE money without feeling “sales-y.”


There is a different way to create success, and Activate will show you how.


YOU get to create success on YOUR terms with support and guidance from a heart centered wellness entrepreneur who has been there and built a THRIVING wellness practice with the FREEDOM to enjoy life without the stress, struggle or doubt.


***When you purchase you are agreeing to these terms and conditions 

Save $1000 with Early Bird Pricing 

$6,000 paid in full by September 19, 2020

BONUS- 60 min. 1:1 Fast track strategy session

Grab one of the last spots today 

Save $1000 with Early Bird Pricing

Downpayment of $500 by September 19, 2020

and 6 additional payments of $997 



Limited spots are available for this program to insure that everyone receives the highest amount of personal attention in a small group format combined with 1:1 support.






This program is jam-packed with:

  • Powerful modules of LIVE content with the same 6 step Abundance Basics framework I used to create a thriving coaching practice.

  • A BONUS ONE-HOUR PERSONAL session with a VA

  • THREE LIVE Zoom group training calls each month for direct access to me and all your questions answered in real time.

  • LIVE group coaching to up level your mindset and business and create success faster than doing it on your own.

  • ONE 30min. 1:1 LASER Coaching Call with Chris each month, to create FAST momentum and clarity in all areas of your business.

  • A membership portal with access to your materials, recordings and a business builder toolkit full of masterclasses, workbooks and support designed to help you keep it simple and grow your practice. 

  • Access to my exclusive Business Builders Toolkit

  • Private access to your Activate Abundance Facebook and Voxer group.

  • Essential Leadership Paradigms that guide you to feel confident, go after your dreams and CATCH them.

  • Two 90-day business plans to keep you focused, with simple and repeatable actions.

  • Bonus information on how to create a steady stream of clients using Facebook groups.

  • How to manage your time and get more done in less time.

  • Creating rhythm and ritual to make sure you are fully sourced. 

  • Creating offers and Pricing your programs that your ideal clients will say YES to.

  • How to create offers that serve your ideal client so everyone has a seat on the bus and more…

Activate Abundance

A 6-month wellness practice accelerator group coaching program + 1:1 support to create abundance and freedom in your life and business so you can serve with soul and have a thriving coaching or wellness practice.

Mentorship from an experienced wellness practitioner and multi 6-figure coach, implementation-based training, customized support, robust accountability, and a community of ambitious, heart centered women entrepreneurs. 


Because this program is only open to 15 highly committed women, grab your spot now and let’s get creating abundance.  

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